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Expanding the competence in the field of actuators by hofer powertrain


1.2. 2009 - Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Burkhard Kremmling joins hofer group as the head of electromechanical systems department. Mr. Kremmling possesses a 20-years experience, which he could gather as a specialist and an executive by the automotive suppliers LuK, EATON and Thomas-Magnete. In his last position, he was responsible for the business unit “transmission/chassis/safety” at Thomas Magnete.
At LuK Mr. Kremmling accumulated experience in the field of energy-efficient electromotive actuators. This leaded amongst others to the successful series implementation of the automated clutch in the A-class of Mercedes Benz.
The professional core competences of Mr. Kremmling are: 
  • electro-hydraulic and electromotive actuators
  • NVH optimisation (at e. g. drivetrain, steering, air conditioning)
  • clutches (dry and wet)
  • steering strategies (transmission/drivetrain)
Supported by the Mr. Kremmlings competence in the field of electromotive actuators and his network at automotive OEMs and suppliers the performance portfolio of hofer group is now increased in the well-known application field drivetrain as well as expanded to the new application fields such as steering, chassis, passive safety and air conditioning.
The General Management Team says welcome to Mr. Kremmling and wishes him much success!
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38444 Wolfsburg
Tel.:    +49 (5308) 5221267
Mobil:  +49 1719782681
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