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hofer Lenting - A.T. Süd GMBH intensiviert den Ausbau der Motorkompetenz im Bereich Micro BHKW



hofer development centre in Lenting – A.T. Sued GmbH - intensifies the upgrading of the motor competence in the field of micro power plants.
Early in April three endurance test benches for micro power plants were put into operation. Thus, now it is possible to run endurance tests, as well as make durability and benchmark analysis at these three test places. The installation allows logging and measuring of all the motor and power plant specific parameters, e.g. pressures and temperatures.
Preserved environment is a nice side effect. The company’s household is supplied with the energy generated by the running tests – electricity and facility heating output.

To learn more about this topic please feel free to contact:


Jörg Neugärtner

A.T.Süd GmbH - a company of hofer AG
Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 11
85101 Lenting
Tel:  +49 8456 9166-0
Fax: +49 8456 9166-90



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