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„More a milestone than just a foundation stone!“



Foundtion stone of the new hofer development center with manufacture in Nuertingen laid 
„More a milestone than just a foundation stone!“

Nuertingen – 20.07.2012 laying of the foundation stone of hofer powertrain new development center with manufacture was celebrated with guests from the politics and business. During the next year there will be established an office and a test and production building in the industrial area Buchhalde in Nuertingen. Thus the prerequisite conditions are created for faster, more flexible and customer-oriented implementing of our system know-how in the areas of development, testing and small series production. hofer as an innovative company is of high importance for the city of Nuertingen. Hofer strengthens the development of the region, generates the further growth together with the other resident companies being a competence hot spot for the automotive industry. For its customers hofer is - due to its unique system competence and experience in the field of energy-efficient powertrain systems and in gear technology / mechatronics /e-mobility in particular - a very important and reliable partner for fast, precise and innovative developments, tests and production. This has been confirmed in impressing presentations held by representatives of VW, Daimler and Bosch.

The chairman of the supervisory board Prof. Dr. Karl-Viktor SCHALLER and the chairman of the board of directors Johann-Paul HOFER called therefore the laying of the foundation stone an important milestone in the history of the company. More than that, besides building the new halls hofer has secured further space to be able to continue its growth.


The picture shows the participants of the ceremony, from the left to right: Jürgen SCHWEFEL from the construction enterprise Epple, chairman of the supervisory board Prof. Dr. Karl-Viktor SCHALLER, Dr. Peter WERTH (supervisory board), CFO Axel SAUER, Hubert HOFER (supervisory board), CEO Johann-Paul HOFER, CTO Wolfgang STEPHAN



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