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Trends in motor design: downsizing

In general:

Downsizing describes the method, by which „smaller“ motors reach the same performance data as motors with larger cubic capacity. 


The starting point ist an optimised fuel consumption and associated reduction of the emission by at least equivalent driving performance.
Our approach takes into account the following points:
  • Reducing of the cylinders´ number
  • Reducing of the swept volume
  • Tribologic charecteristics
  • Simulation and virtual testing
  • Charging concepts
  • Valve train concepts
  • Compaction concepts
  • Oil content concepts
  • Cooling system concept
  • New technologies: hybrid, immediate-start etc.



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 080617_CTI_Turbocharging_hoferpowertrain_Downsizing.pdf  Trends in motor design: downsizing 
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