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Can there be a better reference than a patent ?

Can we possibly receive a greater award for our excellent speech than the one we were given by a professional audience on the occasion of a conference ?

Our innovation power and our constant drive for further development results in numerous patentable solutions – thus we increase the competitiveness of our customers.

Development of commercial vehicle transmissions for Chinese market - potentials and risks

Helmut Freudenthaler, hofer f&e GmbH, Garsten
3rd VDI Conference Transmission in commercial vehicles 2013, 18.06.2013, Friedrichshafen

Functional optimization dog clutch transmission by means of simulation and the use of special control algorithms

Martin Kern, hofer f&e GmbH, Garsten
VDI-Conference Control solutions for transmissions, 18.06.2013, Friedrichshafen

Energy Efficient Powertrain and Storage Systems

Mr. Neugaertner
Conference "Energy – Efficiency in Application and Transformation", Stuttgart, 1.04.2009


Wheel – Hub Drives versus Axle Drives

Dr. Heinz Schäfer
Symposium „Hybridfahrzeuge und Energiemanagement“, Braunschweig, 19.02.2009

Efficiency- cost and weight potential through reduced line pressure in DCTs (double clutch transmissions) with servo synchronizers

Thomas Hackl, Klaus Kalmbach, Martin Berger, Andreas Wild, Martin Maier
CTI Transmission Symposium in Berlin on the 3th December, 2008 

Innovative Transmissions for Off-Highway Vehicles

Heinz Aitzetmueller
Conference “Innovations in mechanical engineering”, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk, 30.10.2008


Dragan Popov
3rd International CTI Forum Turbocharging, 16-17.06.2008, Wiesbaden

The role and the share of suppliers for the development and innovation in the automotive business

Alberto Giacometti
ATA (Associazione Tecnica dell'Automobile) Conference, 30.05.2008, Turin

Applicability of the New Kyowa High Performance Synchronizer

Hackl, Thomas, Werth, Peter, Hiraiwa, Kazuyoshi
hofer powertrain, Germany, Kyowa Metal Works Co., Japan
FISITA 2006 World Automotive Congress, 22-26.10.2006, Yokohama, Japan


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