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hofer eds auf dem Symposium „Hybridfahrzeuge und Energiemanagement“ in Braunschweig


In the course of the 6th Braunschweiger Symposium „Hybrid Vehicles und Energy Management“ taking place annually in the Braunschweiger Stadthalle Dr. Heinz Schaefer, the CEO of hofer eds GmbH, has made a presentation on the topic  „Wheel – Hub Drives versus Axle Drives“.
This session (18-19.02.2009) was organised by „Gesamtzentrum für Verkehr Braunschweig e.V.“ as well as  IAV GmbH. More than 250 visitors both natives and foreigners visited this event.  


->> download the presentation of Dr. Schaefer

For more Information please contact:

hofer eds GmbH

Dr. Heinz Schaefer

Sedanstr. 21 b

97082 Würzburg
Tel.: +49 (0)931/359335-110
Fax: +49 (0)931/359335-129



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