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hofer powertrain presents modern powertrain technology for agricultural machines at the conference of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus “Innovations in mechanical engineering” in Minsk


Knowing that the strong agricultural mechanical engineering accounts for the state of development of the Belarusian industry and that tractors of brand “Belarus” are having a 8-10% market share over the last few years, hofer powertrain gladly excepted the invitation to the conference. hofer powertrain could impress the Belarus attendees with our knowledge and expertise.
At the conference “Innovations in Mechanical Engineering” Heinz Aitzetmueller presented the hofer-own product VDC Transmission (Variable Double Clutch). The VDC is a mechanical-hydrostatic power split transmission that combines the unique functionality and efficiency of the different concepts to excellently fit the needs of agricultural technique. Therefore the presentation has aroused a lot of interest among the attendees. Nowadays the Belarusian technique conquers the world market with robustness and low prices. hofer is convinced  that tomorrow the manufacturers in Belarus will have to use innovative powertrain technologies to match the needs and requirements of their customers.

To take this chance we would like to express our gratefulness to the organisation committee for inviting us to partake on this conference.

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