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Anderlecht/Berlin, December 2011 - Bosch Transmission Technology B.V. in Tilburg, a specialist in the development of CVT push belts, especially in the area of steel belts, and hofer pdc GmbH from Stuttgart, a specialist in the development of energy-efficient drives and transmissions, have on Tuesday 6 December 2011 at the 10th International CTI Symposium and Expo in Berlin, signed a contract for the cooperation in the series development and industrialization of CVT.
With this agreement Bosch Transmission Technology B.V. and hofer powertrain want to respond to the rising, worldwide interest in CVT technology. Both partners want to bundle their comprehensive knowledge and commonly develop energy-efficient transmissions.
Contact person for press inquiries:
Tatiana Moos
hofer powertrain GmbH
Tel. +49 8456 9166 106
Peter De Troch
Robert Bosch NV
Tel.: +32 2 525 53 46



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