How to evaluate shift comfort?



For sure you know how hard it is to judge the shift behaviour of a manual gearbox. Subjective impressions such as “bad”, “bumpy” or “unpleasant” can only help up to a certain limited degree of further development and optimisation. Moreover, the estimation is highly dependent on the current mood of the test engineer, his experience or his physical condition. Therefore, hofer powertrain have created a tool, which makes an objective evaluation of shift comfort possible. Based on measured data of shift force, shift travel and rotational speeds, Progear® detects the parameters, which are necessary to evaluate shift quality.
Besides a basic rating all unpleasant shifting phenomena such as double bump, scratching, unlocking and spool-in problems are identified and evaluated. The following graphical representation is possible in any required layout.
We are pleased to support you in evaluating your measured data, no matter whether recorded on a test bench or during vehicle tests.

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