Hofer powertrain shows possible solutions for drivetrain systems at the Turin Conference


The manager of the operational business of hofer powertain in Italy, Alberto Giacometti, held a presentation “The role and the share of suppliers for the development and innovation in the automotive business” at the annual conference of the Turin Industry Association.

The meeting on the 30th of May was organised by the Associazione Tecnica dell’Automobile (ATA). The aim was to discuss the role, the recources and the services of the suppliers to the automotive market.
The automotive market needs new efficient and innovative solutions and products for the future. The many complex tasks show that there is an immense pressure on the OEMs and suppliers and this challenges new forms of partnerships and cooperations.
At the conference Alberto Giacometti has shown the strategy hofer has developed for research and development of innovative solutions in the field of powertrain systems and what has made hofer powertrain to one of the worldwide leading companies in this business segment.


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