hofer powertrain sets up a UK site of operations



hofer powertrain is excited to announce the setup of a UK site of operations in order to further enhance the provision of automotive engineering capability to the UK OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and development centres.
Established in the mid 1980’s, hofer powertrain is a privately owned, German based automotive development company, employing over 400 highly skilled employees. Hofer’s technical expertise covers all areas of powertrain:   From clean sheet transmission design, hydraulic control development and rig based testing; to electric motor design, hybrid vehicle development and controls strategy definition.
hofer’s customers include many of the world’s automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and automotive development companies with on location sites setup to support all of the German OEMs and various international OEMs. hofer already has a worldwide presence and support network with development centers in Germany, China, USA, Italy and Austria and has many designs in volume production across the world. hofer is a series production supplier to Tier 1’s and is approved by their customers.
hofer powertrain UK, to be based in Warwick (20 miles / 32 km south-east from Birmingham) will provide technical liason, project management and technical delivery expertise to the UK customers allowing seamless access to the well-established German / Austrian based capability.
hofer boasts one of the largest independent automotive hydraulic controls teams and this capability, along with transmission (MT, AT, DCT, CVT, AMT) design, hybrid vehicle component and system development, simulation expertise, prototyping capabilities and controls strategy will be coordinated and delivered through the UK team. All these areas are delivered from clean sheet, through detailed simulation / analysis, design and development to production.
From the interest already shown in hofer’s capability from the UK companies, it is clear that these areas of highly technical expertise are well regarded and sought after in this growing market.  hofer can offer the technology.
hofer powertrain UK will be run by William Hartley and Martin Maier, both engineers of significant technical expertise. William Hartley has a background in mechanical transmission design and analysis with automotive consultancies, as well as business management covering a variety of areas including hybrid vehicle applications. Martin Maier is the Managing Director of hofer mechatronik GmbH and has a history in powertrain engineering and hydraulic controls.

 William HARTLEY

 Martin MAIER

hofer powertrain UK site at the Warwick Innovation Centre 


For further information on hofer powertrain UK and the hofer global capability, please contact
William Hartley
+44 7780 605640
Julia Schindler
+49 7022 2442 2719



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