Hofer powertrain supporting a Formula Student Team KA-RaceIng


hofer development centre in Stuttgart hofer-pdc GmbH has been supporting the Formula-Student-Team of the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology “KA-RaceIng”.
Formula-Student is an international design competition of student teams from all over the world racing against each other with race cars of different classes, which they developed and designed themselves.
At that there will be carried out both a competition in the category cars of internal combustion engines as well as electrically driven cars. Only few universities have enough resources to participate in both competitions, among those few is the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with its KA-Racing Team.
All students’ activities are voluntary and do not directly impact the final degree. The only mainsprings for the students are enthusiasm and passion for developing and designing cars. At that, the competitive nature of the racing series boosts the motivation. During preparations the students have the possibility to gain practical experience in all the areas of developing a racing car: from the first draft to development and design up to trials - all this can be practiced and tested.
The company shares the students’ enthusiasm for technology and their striving for winning the competition. All the student-project cars will be presented on the 18th of April at the Karlsruher Institute for Technology (KIT). We wish KA-RacIng Team success and will be happy to see them among the winners!
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