During the last six months hofer-pdc has been continuously expanding its operation area. hofer-pdc can boast a total increase of 50% in the workshop, testing area and office space. The expansion provides a lot of advantages such as
  • Considerably extended range of services – from functional tests of components to endurance tests of integrated systems in an area totaling 2.000 m². New test benches are additionally available, for instance for electric motors’ acceptance, transmission tests for higher power over 300 kW and wheel torques over 7.000 Nm.
  • New tests under different operation conditions (from -40 C° till 160 C°) are possible
  • The first assembly line in the new development workshop, suitable for small batches of gearbox or gearbox components. These assembly lines are expandable to larger and more complex assemblies such as that of manual transmission, etc.  
  • Logistic area for storage and picking of components and systems.  
  • Optimized working conditions and a broader spectrum of services due to spatial separation of functional tests area and high power transmission tests area.
  • Structuring and expansion  of commercial department with two new divisions: project management and sales
  • Optimized work process and reduced interfaces due to contracting all engineering services onto one floor.
It is a next step in the company development to a systems services provider for developments from the idea to the serial production.
For more information please contact:
Bastian Obermiller
hofer-pdc GmbH
+49 711 489092 107


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